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At The Heart of Today’s Game-Changing Marketing Strategies

Ask a dozen professionals from a variety of endeavors to define marketing and you will likely receive variations on two or three different themes. Retailers, B-to-B enterprises, service providers, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups — and everything in between — often view, plan and budget for marketing from unique perspectives. But all of us, unique … Continue Reading

The Fuzzy Area Between Vision and Focus

This post is a reprise of a Guest shot for my friend Alicia Arenas (follow Alicia on Twitter), and her March Marketing Madness week. I offer it here knowing that focus always wins. Few things have as much to do with the fabric of our communities as the vision that resides in business leaders.  Certainly, … Continue Reading

Social Media: The Fabric of Community

Time to acknowledge the obvious: few things have had as much impact on the fabric of marketing as has the emergence of “Social Media.”  In his book – The Chaos Scenario (see video above) – author, AdAge columnist and NPR commentator Bob Garfield goes as far as heralding the end of mass marketing as we know it. Overstatement?  We are, after … Continue Reading

The Dynamics of a New Dialogue

As a target-driven business developer, understanding why so many professional service providers (accountants, consultants, lawyers) resist client feedback programs continues to be a puzzle I am unable to solve.  Simply put, client feedback is the easiest, most cost effective, highly targeted business development you will ever invest in. Perhaps it harkens back to report card … Continue Reading