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Happy Mother’s Day

Mom was gentle, soft spoken, devoted to her family, positive in spirit and enormous of heart. She loved the arts — particularly music, working in her flower beds and making something out of nothing in the kitchen. She was a builder — of things that would last. I remember coming home when I was 12 … Continue Reading

Where Communication, Marketing and Effective Business Development Begin

Every student of communication theory is familiar with the concept of Shared Experiences. This is the coveted sweet-spot where barriers fall, gaps are bridged, and — thanks to commonalities — communication takes place. Theoretically. It is a beautifully simple theory. But in practice, it is far from simple. A recent Seth Godin post, The People … Continue Reading

A Response To The Premature Proclamation of Marketing’s Demise

A recent Harvard Business Review blog by Bill Lee — Marketing Is Dead — was, at least provocative; it has prompted a number of excellent conversation (maybe even a touch of consternation) in some quarters of the marketing community. Lee’s assertion is that traditional marketing is increasingly ineffective. And if the conversation is about tools … Continue Reading

The Moments That Really Matter

(On Memorial Day 2012, please excuse this reprise of a September 2011 post…offered with appreciation for Dad, Robert Roesler (father-in-law) and all who serve.) There are some moments that demand more than their fair share of attention. Or perhaps the truth is that some moments have a way of forcing us to focus on the … Continue Reading