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For Most Firms, Alignment Is The Key To Higher Productivity (Not to mention, answers to the most vexing questions)

For every firm wrestling with direction, under performance, growth, market position, diversity and inclusion, compensation systems, how to address succession planning…and the list goes on…there is good news The shortest distance between today’s challenges and meaningful progress could be as close as organizational alignment. The downside is that institutional alignment is often the last thing … Continue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Mom was gentle, soft spoken, devoted to her family, positive in spirit and enormous of heart. She loved the arts — particularly music, working in her flower beds and making something out of nothing in the kitchen. She was a builder — of things that would last. I remember coming home when I was 12 … Continue Reading

Where Communication, Marketing and Effective Business Development Begin

Every student of communication theory is familiar with the concept of Shared Experiences. This is the coveted sweet-spot where barriers fall, gaps are bridged, and — thanks to commonalities — communication takes place. Theoretically. It is a beautifully simple theory. But in practice, it is far from simple. A recent Seth Godin post, The People … Continue Reading

A Response To The Premature Proclamation of Marketing’s Demise

A recent Harvard Business Review blog by Bill Lee — Marketing Is Dead — was, at least provocative; it has prompted a number of excellent conversation (maybe even a touch of consternation) in some quarters of the marketing community. Lee’s assertion is that traditional marketing is increasingly ineffective. And if the conversation is about tools … Continue Reading

The Moments That Really Matter

(On Memorial Day 2012, please excuse this reprise of a September 2011 post…offered with appreciation for Dad, Robert Roesler (father-in-law) and all who serve.) There are some moments that demand more than their fair share of attention. Or perhaps the truth is that some moments have a way of forcing us to focus on the … Continue Reading