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A Tale Of Two Movers (And How To Deliver A Brand Message That Resonates)

It was, to paraphrase, not the best of times. But it served to remind me that, when it comes to marketing, talk is cheap; and the experience delivered is as eloquent a marketing message as there is. We were moving, and Dave was selling the services of a moving company. His pitch struck all the right chords. … Continue Reading

Five Keys to the Role of Marketing and Business Development in Today’s Law Firm

When marketing first inched its way into the legal industry, the mere announcement of capabilities seemed to serve a firm’s needs. As competition increased, the function evolved to include advertising, public relations, the new media, and the support and tools associated with a business development capability. As we deal with what seems to be constant, … Continue Reading

The Message That Connects

Marshall McLuhan — a godfather of 20th-century communication theory — characterized one of the challenges inherent in connecting when he coined the phrase “the medium is the message.” Seth Godin hit on it from a different angle in his timely post today, Get Over Yourself. Given the timing — the 1960’s, in North America — … Continue Reading

Does The Experience You Deliver Align With Your Promise?

Marketing communication promises the world. Client-centered, value driven, deep experience and state-of-the-industry expertise. Even a cursory glance at web sites will turn up scores of variations on a client-centered theme. But let’s be honest; at times the experience doesn’t square with the marketing message. Here’s a story of one time when the experience and the … Continue Reading

Marketing and the Big Bang Theory

Perhaps it stems from the slightest possibility that an enormous “bang” gave shape to a vast universe. Or, maybe more likely, it is the byproduct of witnessing seemingly single events turn history on its ear in the nick of time. Regardless of the origin, law firm marketing plans often seem deeply rooted in the belief … Continue Reading