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That Negative Client Experience Could Be A Real Business Development Opportunity

Everyone has experienced a client / customer experience nightmare. Call it whatever you like; the fact is that almost every enterprise is going to have a bad day. What is done in the wake of the experience is the real stuff of being client / customer centered. The Bad Experience Since the first time we … Continue Reading

The Best Business Developers Share These Four Characteristics

There are markets where sales is little more than a numbers game. Send enough emails, make enough calls, knock on enough doors, ask the question over-and-over, ignore objectionns, and you’ll close some deals. But you won’t build many relationships. And that means that next month…or next quarter…or next year you get to start all over … Continue Reading

Will Your Clients Stick With You Through Thick And Thin?

A little over a decade ago a small technology start-up was out of money, and about to give up. But a professional service group showed the entrepreneurs a way to convert intellectual property into a revenue stream; and the start-up was reborn. An eighteen month revenue stream that defied even the most optimistic pro forma … Continue Reading

What Does It Take To Turn Contacts and Connections Into Productive Relationships?

It is news to no one that when it comes to business development in the professional services arena, relationship trumps everything. Not connections. Or fans. Or followers. Real honest-to-goodness-relationships. Establishing a connection is relatively easy. Building a relationship is decidedly not. Do it right, and a single event can yield scores of business cards. Devote some time … Continue Reading

A Tale Of Two Movers (And How To Deliver A Brand Message That Resonates)

It was, to paraphrase, not the best of times. But it served to remind me that, when it comes to marketing, talk is cheap; and the experience delivered is as eloquent a marketing message as there is. We were moving, and Dave was selling the services of a moving company. His pitch struck all the right chords. … Continue Reading

3 Keys To Preventing Excellence From Slipping Between The Lines

In the 1980’s there were few management conversations, conferences, seminars or workshops that didn’t have at least a topic instigated by the book In Search of Excellence. The work by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, Jr. was seminal. Still in the early days of a new gig, I recently dusted off my copy. Though (in … Continue Reading

Making “Client-Centered” More Than A Marketing Copy Point

Everyone talks about being client-centered. Those who back up all the talk with real substance are rare. The legendary father of advertising, David Ogilvy, was so committed to acting in the client’s best interest, that in the early days some thought the preoccupation a product of eccentricity. On one occasion in the late 1950’s he … Continue Reading

Business Development Lessons En Route To The Legal Marketing Conference — Courtesy of George the Taxi Driver

Confession: I often forget how much I can learn if I simply shut up, and observe (intentional listening). The marketing acumen of George is an example. A group was huddled in front of the LexBlog booth at the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference. Two or three friends were stumbling over each other, enthusiastically spreading the … Continue Reading

Deliver The Experience Or Lose The Relationship

A few might dispute the notion, but most will agree — relationship trumps everything. Whether in the business or personal arena, relationship provides the context in which almost everything is interpreted. It influences judgement and defines value. The Relationship That Wasn’t Nearly a decade ago a small technology start-up was out of money, and about to … Continue Reading

Dead Air Killed The Radio Show. (Don’t Let Your Business Development Efforts Become The Next Victim)

A lifetime ago, in what seems like a galaxy far away, I spent some time in the broadcast industry. More specifically, in a radio studio. In that era, the fast paced “Top 40” genre topped most markets, and was designed to sound slightly anti-establishment with a shoot-from-the-hip tone. In reality, it was a highly structured, … Continue Reading

Business Development, The Client Experience, And Loyalty In The New Normal

It was early October a decade ago — long before talk of a “new normal.” And a BigLaw firm was very comfortable in its relationship with a satisfied client. By almost any standard, the comfort seemed well founded. In the four years prior, the firm had won a bet-the-company battle in court, and subsequently created … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Business Development Question

Several years ago Fred Reichheld, among others, began working on a conversation and a system that would prompt organizations to rethink relationship with clients / customers. In his book, The Ultimate Question (now available in an updated 2.0 version), the discussion zeroes in on what the author defines as the ultimate measure of loyalty — whether … Continue Reading

Does The Experience You Deliver Align With Your Promise?

Marketing communication promises the world. Client-centered, value driven, deep experience and state-of-the-industry expertise. Even a cursory glance at web sites will turn up scores of variations on a client-centered theme. But let’s be honest; at times the experience doesn’t square with the marketing message. Here’s a story of one time when the experience and the … Continue Reading

Who Is Your Marketing Team?

In search of an odd-sized air-filter, Darlene had a customer experience on one end of the spectrum.During a lunch break, she and a friend headed to the neighborhood big-box hardware outlet where a courteous clerk pointed to aisle 10, containing a large inventory of air-filters, certain to include the size she sought.  The two found … Continue Reading