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A CEO’s Formula For Progress In a Changing Marketplace

“Move more. Assume less.” This was the response of a CEO friend when asked about his success in turning around a consulting firm on the brink of extinction twenty-two months earlier. Don was retiring, and he was reflective. “In the early days we were determined to meet the market at its point of need. That … Continue Reading

The Currency of Communication

Volume can be misleading. Increasing the decibel level is no guarantee a message will be heard. Exercising the loudest voice in the room doesn’t equate to connecting with anyone. Bigger and louder — shake-the-ground-you-stand-on-boom notwithstanding — doesn’t ensure anything will resonate. And siren call aside, the same is true for even the most seductive distribution … Continue Reading

A Few Thoughts on Thankfulness

Thankfulness is a decision. It is borne of perspective that transcends personal experience, and resists seeing life through a built-in-ever-present corrective lens. Thankfulness has no agenda. It is poured out in response to an awareness of what constitutes true richness. It is not a day. Or a season. It cannot be measured, and it does not … Continue Reading

Dialogue Is Dead (And Our Ability To Disagree Is Disappearing)

I remember when we used to be able to disagree. Friends could vigorously debate, and go home friends. We could go to school, work alongside, and build neighborhoods with folks with whom we held differing views, values and convictions. We could even talk about it. Those were the days. But that kind of dialogue may be dead. These … Continue Reading

Slowing Your Roll Is Good For Your Soul

For many, this season precipitates slowing down…at least sporadically. A good thing, since the blur brought on by frenetic pursuit tends to distort perspective. Slow down enough, and the things that matter most are pretty easy to focus on — family…true friendship…peace (and quiet)…joy. If we slow enough we might even see the new year … Continue Reading

Want To Instigate Dialogue and Lead? Choose Your Words Carefully.

Words matter. If the goal is to connect and build bridges, you’ll choose them carefully. They set tone, dictate parameters and conjure experiences that shape interpretation. The right words can comfort, support, strengthen and inspire. They can tap into memories and stir new dreams. Yet, for all their power, they are imperfect and incomplete. Packaging … Continue Reading

Before Benchmarks Define Direction, Be Certain To Measure What Matters: Reprising a TEDx Talk

We measure everything. The length and weight of a newborn. The speed of an eleven year old’s fast ball. IQ and EQ. And complex algorithms measure everything from personality type to areas where one is likely to succeed. Or fail. In a recent post — Speedometer Confusion — Seth Godin speaks of the challenge of … Continue Reading