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Getting Value From Law Firm Marketing & Business Development Investments

The setting was a roundtable session.  The floor belonged to an Am Law 100 law firm leader.  And the question she posed was clear:  “what must we do to get the highest value from our marketing / business development investments?” The context for her question was the all-too-familiar drill. Plans are drafted.  And they gather … Continue Reading

Want Marketing That Connects and Resonates? Pick A Target Before You Begin.

Every marketer is familiar with the challenge of crafting a strategy that rises above the noise of a crowded marketplace. It goes something like…“If our name was just out there more…what can you do to help us stand out?” It is as if delivering the right artwork will transform a mere mark into a logo … Continue Reading

A Response To The Premature Proclamation of Marketing’s Demise

A recent Harvard Business Review blog by Bill Lee — Marketing Is Dead — was, at least provocative; it has prompted a number of excellent conversation (maybe even a touch of consternation) in some quarters of the marketing community. Lee’s assertion is that traditional marketing is increasingly ineffective. And if the conversation is about tools … Continue Reading

Is It Time To Sing A Different Business Development Tune?

One of the interesting hooks of the reality talent-themed television series The Voice is that initial decisions shaping the vocal competition are based on judges only being able to hear contestants.  Appearance, body language, everything visual is removed from the equation. The unspoken here is that the notion of what a singer should look like … Continue Reading

The Quest For A Silver Bullet

To the degree that it is human nature, it is understandable. On the other hand, to the degree that it is a resource drain and one of the mistakes we insist on making over and over, it is a bane to effective business development. “It” is our insatiable thirst and relentless search for a Silver … Continue Reading

Measure What Really Matters

More than once in recent weeks I’ve participated in (or overheard out of the corner-of-an-ear) discussions on how time-consuming social media has become, what the payoff might be, and when it might be realized. (Don’t act like you haven’t asked some version of the same questions.) Not only is the issue real; it is legitimate. … Continue Reading