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The “if-the-market-knew-my-story” approach to Business Development

There is a basic principle in communication theory — shared experiences form the basis for the most effective communication. Even if we did not formally study the science, most of us have first-hand experience with the validity of the principle — in intimate, social and professional settings alike.In the space where experiences of the communicator … Continue Reading

The (Genius) Preschooler’s Approach to Strategic Business Development

(Note: this is a reprise of a post that originally appeared on  Alicia Arenas‘ Senera Camp Blog.) A university grad student challenged me to come up with a practical approach to marketing, sales and business development — one not dependent on mega-budgets, Big Data, or unlimited human resources. One the garage entrepreneur or corner donut … Continue Reading

The DNA Of Strategic Business Development

Labeling something as Strategic does not make it so. The presence of a plan, no matter the number of pages or accompanying detail, should not be mistaken for the existence of a strategy. Desk drawers are littered with detailed business development and marketing plans that are decidedly not strategic. (I know this from personal experience.) And even … Continue Reading

Five Keys To Better Conversations

To the degree that one life intersects with another – at home, on the job, socially (yes, even via social media) – few things are more central to progress and success than the art of dialogue. Whether a political agenda, the endeavors of enterprise, social awareness and reform or a family’s pursuits, progress is impossible … Continue Reading

The Quest For A Silver Bullet

To the degree that it is human nature, it is understandable. On the other hand, to the degree that it is a resource drain and one of the mistakes we insist on making over and over, it is a bane to effective business development. “It” is our insatiable thirst and relentless search for a Silver … Continue Reading

At The Heart of Today’s Game-Changing Marketing Strategies

Ask a dozen professionals from a variety of endeavors to define marketing and you will likely receive variations on two or three different themes. Retailers, B-to-B enterprises, service providers, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups — and everything in between — often view, plan and budget for marketing from unique perspectives. But all of us, unique … Continue Reading