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Do All The Things You Know Make It Tougher For You To Communicate?

There is no shortage of communicators talking about the challenges attendant to listening. Type effective listening into your search engine, and you won’t have to wait long for the evidence. In 1.8 seconds more than 1 million resources will be one click away. Tips, tricks, guidelines, best practices, secrets, insights, barriers, ten-step-programs, five keys, principles, systems — … Continue Reading

Dialogue Is Dead (And Our Ability To Disagree Is Disappearing)

I remember when we used to be able to disagree. Friends could vigorously debate, and go home friends. We could go to school, work alongside, and build neighborhoods with folks with whom we held differing views, values and convictions. We could even talk about it. Those were the days. But that kind of dialogue may be dead. These … Continue Reading

The Key To Creating A Message That Resonates

The axiom says perception is reality. Translation — as if to taunt marketers and communicators, something more than brilliant content (or evident tangibles) impacts the interpretation of messages we so painstakingly create. Consider how varied multiple descriptions of a single event can be. Or the predictable discrepancies in eye-witness testimony. Or the differences in what … Continue Reading