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4 Keys To Better Business Development Conversations

Dialogue changes things. It connects people, seeds ideas, and is a critical thread in the fabric of relationship. And (at the risk of meddling), one reason relationships are so difficult is that genuine dialogue does not come easy. Self-interest,  the superficial and the politics of the moment serve to frame much of what passes for conversation. But … Continue Reading

Is It Time To Sing A Different Business Development Tune?

One of the interesting hooks of the reality talent-themed television series The Voice is that initial decisions shaping the vocal competition are based on judges only being able to hear contestants.  Appearance, body language, everything visual is removed from the equation. The unspoken here is that the notion of what a singer should look like … Continue Reading

A Missing Link In Business Development

In a provocative Inc. online post titled The Art of Listening Well (a great read), Eugene Raudsepp discusses one of two challenges to effective communication; we hear what we listen for. The second is closely related — Listening to Learn is in short supply. To the degree communication is about positioning, convincing, selling or converting, the … Continue Reading