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What Does Leadership Have To Do With Framing A Vision of the Future?

The mid-seventies motion picture All The President’s Men popularized the counsel offered by Deep Throat — Follow the Money.  This was the key to understanding the issues relevant to the Watergate scandal. Questions about the events surrounding the 1972 U.S. Presidential election — who was behind the break-in at the Watergate…and why — made for compelling news coverage. For … Continue Reading

Big Hairy Audacious Goals Versus The Devils You Know

Bill Taylor’s HBR Blog post today — “Don’t Let What You Know Limit What You Imagine” — strikes at the heart of a strategic planning challenge for professional service organizations in today’s marketplace.  Begin with bright business minds, add expertise and deep experience, blend with volatility, unpredictability and a touch of fear, and you have … Continue Reading

Pausing To Remember What Really Matters

(This is a reprise of a Post from December 2010. An idea worth reconsidering today. Happy Thanksgiving, All.) Some things simply are not important in the scope of things. Mac or PC? Important to the respective companies, to be sure; but give me either and I’ll get the job done. Number of Twitter followers or … Continue Reading

A Requiem For Relationships

There is no shortage of information and advice on relationships.  What it takes to make them work, fix them when they’re broken, build them, nurture them, leverage them. Counselors, coaches, philosophers, and theologians, all have devoted volumes to the subject. Seldom will anyone whisper, let alone proclaim the truth: relationships don’t work. I know — … Continue Reading

When (and Where) Winning Really Is Everything

This post is a few days removed from the event that gave impetus to thinking about the topic, primarily because the musings of my knee—jerk response to the final thirty minutes of the Masters were born of far too much emotion. And, though I’m not certain perspective has been fully regained, here goes. Journalists, columnists … Continue Reading