Whether we talk about it or not, each of us has a value proposition. It frames days, shapes attitudes and is the fabric of the moments that define us.

Either intellectual honesty and emotional integrity are guideposts to which we aspire, or we find it convenient to rely on shades of gray and situational ethics for cover.

Either we believe word is equivalent to bond, or we live and work in a world without trust.

Either we are driven by rewards and acclaim, or we come to every endeavor with the best we have to offer because this is a reflection of who we are.

Either we believe relationship is the only thing that endures — so this is where we put our creative energy, or we believe an agenda is noble enough to warrant allegiance — even at the expense of relationship — past, present and future.

Either we forgive, or we likely never experience the exhilarating renewal that comes with having been forgiven.

Based on our values, today will either be one more episode of juggling and balancing, or it represents the chance to frame challenges and opportunities in a context that transcends one day.