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Begin 2014 Facing Business Development Truths

Countless hours are about to be spent in meetings, on conference calls, and in early morning or late night hand-wringing sessions among law firm and professional service leadership. The focus? Identifying strategies and creating plans that solve a glaring deficit in business development progress. Risking sounding negative this early in January, here is what will … Continue Reading

Getting Value From Law Firm Marketing & Business Development Investments

The setting was a roundtable session.  The floor belonged to an Am Law 100 law firm leader.  And the question she posed was clear:  “what must we do to get the highest value from our marketing / business development investments?” The context for her question was the all-too-familiar drill. Plans are drafted.  And they gather … Continue Reading

Big Hairy Audacious Goals Versus The Devils You Know

Bill Taylor’s HBR Blog post today — “Don’t Let What You Know Limit What You Imagine” — strikes at the heart of a strategic planning challenge for professional service organizations in today’s marketplace.  Begin with bright business minds, add expertise and deep experience, blend with volatility, unpredictability and a touch of fear, and you have … Continue Reading

Five Keys To Better Conversations

To the degree that one life intersects with another – at home, on the job, socially (yes, even via social media) – few things are more central to progress and success than the art of dialogue. Whether a political agenda, the endeavors of enterprise, social awareness and reform or a family’s pursuits, progress is impossible … Continue Reading

No One Likes Change

No one likes change.  Those who say they do are most often talking about variety (like changing cars or upgrading laptops);  or perhaps about improvements that make life easier — though initially, even the idea of change for the better is often met with disdain. I ran across this Networking Exchange blog post by Alan … Continue Reading

Open Letter To Law Firm Marketers

Several weeks ago I was part of a discussion on marketing in the legal industry. In the course of the conversation a successful, respected law firm leader looked around the room and announced, “I just don’t get this whole CMO thing.” His pronouncement wasn’t argumentative or confrontational. He wasn’t lobbying against marketers. He was giving … Continue Reading