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No One Likes Change

No one likes change.  Those who say they do are most often talking about variety (like changing cars or upgrading laptops);  or perhaps about improvements that make life easier — though initially, even the idea of change for the better is often met with disdain. I ran across this Networking Exchange blog post by Alan … Continue Reading

Why Nothing Changes

Thankfully we’ve survived the campaign antics of another election season in the U.S. And the news, whether your candidate won or lost, is that not much is likely to change. So we can relax. Fear mongering notwithstanding, two, four, even six years from now we’ll find ourselves a little older, to be sure; but, apart … Continue Reading

At The Heart of Today’s Game-Changing Marketing Strategies

Ask a dozen professionals from a variety of endeavors to define marketing and you will likely receive variations on two or three different themes. Retailers, B-to-B enterprises, service providers, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups — and everything in between — often view, plan and budget for marketing from unique perspectives. But all of us, unique … Continue Reading