imageI can’t control much; but I can determine to treat every individual I encounter with respect and dignity. I can be kind. I can monitor what comes out of my mouth, and strive to speak words that encourage.

I believe the way I treat a person is a direct reflection of who I am — the clearest, in fact.

I believe there is nothing more valuable than a human being. Nothing. Admittedly there are too many times when my attitude and/or actions do not square with this; nonetheless, this belief is at the core of the value system to which I subscribe.

We — me and my “neighbors” — are a diverse lot. We spend our days in different ways, invest our time and resources in varied pursuits. But most of us know that what we look like or sound like has nothing to do with who we are as human beings.

I believe no difference, however stark, diminishes the value of a human being.

I believe most of us reject any suggestion that the value of a person comes down to anything more than the fabric of ones heart — the content of our character.

If we are willing to begin here we can discuss any challenge…debate any issue…and emerge with respect for each other even when we differ.

I believe we share more than we tend to think about on a daily basis. And that even a sliver of common ground can give rise to a vision that can accomplish almost anything.

My personal challenge for each day is to seek that common ground.