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The Critical Characteristics of Leadership

Every single real leader I know would be shaping opinion, facilitating change and moving the proverbial ball regardless of the job description, title on the business card or position in the org chart. Leaders can’t help it. They don’t simply change the rooms they walk into. They change them for the better. They have much … Continue Reading

Big Hairy Audacious Goals Versus The Devils You Know

Bill Taylor’s HBR Blog post today — “Don’t Let What You Know Limit What You Imagine” — strikes at the heart of a strategic planning challenge for professional service organizations in today’s marketplace.  Begin with bright business minds, add expertise and deep experience, blend with volatility, unpredictability and a touch of fear, and you have … Continue Reading

Five Keys To Better Conversations

To the degree that one life intersects with another – at home, on the job, socially (yes, even via social media) – few things are more central to progress and success than the art of dialogue. Whether a political agenda, the endeavors of enterprise, social awareness and reform or a family’s pursuits, progress is impossible … Continue Reading

A Little Less Talk — Please!

I have a friend who argues that the smaller an airline is, the more the flight attendants tend to talk — before and during the flight.  He suggests this isn’t simply about the size of the operation, but more a reflection of some variation on an inferiority complex. If you spend much time flying, you’ve … Continue Reading