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Dialogue Is Dead (And Our Ability To Disagree Is Disappearing)

I remember when we used to be able to disagree. Friends could vigorously debate, and go home friends. We could go to school, work alongside, and build neighborhoods with folks with whom we held differing views, values and convictions. We could even talk about it. Those were the days. But that kind of dialogue may be dead. These … Continue Reading

Contrary To Conventional Wisdom, These Are The Good Old Days Of Business Development

Fifteen years ago a know-it-all business development and marketing guy was given a career-limiting assignment: to create national marketing plans for a dozen practice groups in an AmLaw 100 firm. Naively certain, and with the finesse of the proverbial bull in a china closet, the not-so-smart hot-shot asked a practice leader to describe his ideal target … Continue Reading

What Went Wrong When Marketing Failed To Deliver

Where did marketing miss the boat? Attendance was half of what was expected. The new website didn’t make the phone ring. The new tagline or logo or color combination hasn’t made the development of new business any easier. You’ve tried LinkedIn and micro-sites. Maybe even Twitter and (gasp) Facebook. You’ve revised profiles, and have great … Continue Reading

Want ROI From Marketing Communication? Shift Your Focus From Message Delivery To The Rules Of Engagement

Here’s the problem: we act like once we’ve delivered a message — transmitted it, produced it, hit “SEND” — that we have Communicated. Or, at least that we have done everything within our power to make communication possible. The rest is up to the audience. In practice we have come to equate communicating with the … Continue Reading

For A Message That Motivates, Begin With Intentional Listening

NOTE: This post on Intentional Listening originally appeared at MENGOnline.  With thanks to the MENG folks for the Guest Shot, we now re-post here. Name the venue — sales and business development, marcomm, public relations — take your pick.  Often the single greatest impediment to success is the failure to begin at the beginning. The foundational … Continue Reading

3 Keys To Thriving In A Changing Marketplace

Long ago, before digital invaded advertising, marketing and media, the basics of the print industry hadn’t seen significant change for decades. Then someone figured out ones and zeroes. And things began to shift rapidly. Seemingly overnight, what had once been the purview of shops able to invest in big machines and the real estate to … Continue Reading

When The Intent Is To Communicate, Market and Lead, Listen With The Eyes

You don’t have to look long to find plenty of talk about the importance of listening. (We’ve done our share here on this blog, and here, in a guest post for my friend Cordell Parvin.) CMOs, consultants and marketing gurus regularly weigh in on listening’s critical role. These discussions invariably (and understandably) focus on the … Continue Reading

Where Communication, Marketing and Effective Business Development Begin

Every student of communication theory is familiar with the concept of Shared Experiences. This is the coveted sweet-spot where barriers fall, gaps are bridged, and — thanks to commonalities — communication takes place. Theoretically. It is a beautifully simple theory. But in practice, it is far from simple. A recent Seth Godin post, The People … Continue Reading

Redefine Listening and Reshape Business Development

I am an old dog. Learning new tricks, techniques or skill sets does not come easy. My 20-year old daughter, my wife and, I suspect, the team I am privileged to work with will all agree. But as I listened to Neil Harbisson’s TED presentation from earlier this year titled “I Listen to Colors” (a 10-minute video that will … Continue Reading

4 Keys To Better Business Development Conversations

Dialogue changes things. It connects people, seeds ideas, and is a critical thread in the fabric of relationship. And (at the risk of meddling), one reason relationships are so difficult is that genuine dialogue does not come easy. Self-interest,  the superficial and the politics of the moment serve to frame much of what passes for conversation. But … Continue Reading

Five Keys To Better Conversations

To the degree that one life intersects with another – at home, on the job, socially (yes, even via social media) – few things are more central to progress and success than the art of dialogue. Whether a political agenda, the endeavors of enterprise, social awareness and reform or a family’s pursuits, progress is impossible … Continue Reading

Are We Losing Our Ability To Listen?

In an increasingly loud world voices, headlines, media and even strategic noises seem to compete for our attention.  The competition (naturally) gives rise to more creative approaches to capture a target’s ear.  And in the process there is plenty of reason to wonder whether anything is actually being heard. In this short video presentation, sound … Continue Reading