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Dialogue Is Dead (And Our Ability To Disagree Is Disappearing)

I remember when we used to be able to disagree. Friends could vigorously debate, and go home friends. We could go to school, work alongside, and build neighborhoods with folks with whom we held differing views, values and convictions. We could even talk about it. Those were the days. But that kind of dialogue may be dead. These … Continue Reading

What Sunday News Shows Would Sound Like If Mom Were A Producer

Sunday’s talk shows prompted a ridiculous line of thinking. I wonder what might happen if mom’s advice were to take hold. You see, my mother — the only person I’ve known personally that might approach sainthood status –repeatedly advised, “if you don’t have something nice to say, better to say nothing at all.”  I’ll wager … Continue Reading

Life Is More Than Black & White, “Red” or “Blue”: A Thanksgiving Perspective

There are a few things that are clearly either black or white. But very few. Much of daily life – from personal relationship to professional decision – is defined based on perspective. Thursday many of us will observe the holiday tradition that combines turkey and the National Football League. We’ll likely witness the blurry line … Continue Reading

Real Leaders Instigate Dialogue

Some accomplish it with the pen (“mightier than the sword…”). Some with poetic eloquence. Others, by way of a simple invitation. Some by the sheer force of their example. Whatever the methodology, real leaders encourage conversations around core ideas, agendas and solutions. A loud voice can distract for a season. Given the resources, would-be leaders can … Continue Reading