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Does The Experience You Deliver Align With Your Promise?

Marketing communication promises the world. Client-centered, value driven, deep experience and state-of-the-industry expertise. Even a cursory glance at web sites will turn up scores of variations on a client-centered theme. But let’s be honest; at times the experience doesn’t square with the marketing message. Here’s a story of one time when the experience and the … Continue Reading

Are We Losing Our Ability To Listen?

In an increasingly loud world voices, headlines, media and even strategic noises seem to compete for our attention.  The competition (naturally) gives rise to more creative approaches to capture a target’s ear.  And in the process there is plenty of reason to wonder whether anything is actually being heard. In this short video presentation, sound … Continue Reading

A Requiem For Relationships

There is no shortage of information and advice on relationships.  What it takes to make them work, fix them when they’re broken, build them, nurture them, leverage them. Counselors, coaches, philosophers, and theologians, all have devoted volumes to the subject. Seldom will anyone whisper, let alone proclaim the truth: relationships don’t work. I know — … Continue Reading

The Thrill of the Chase vs. Drudgery of Dialogue

For many, the chase is simply easier than the work associated with building and nurturing lasting relationships. The chase offers variety, the thrill of an adrenaline rush, and – win or lose – it’s off to the next pursuit. No working through misunderstandings and unrealized expectations. No — we’re not talking about personal relationships — any parallels notwithstanding. This is about … Continue Reading