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Want To Predict The Future? Follow The Vision

The mid-seventies motion picture All The President’s Men popularized the phrase follow the money. In the dramatization of the political scandal that became known as Watergate, the informant referred to as Deep Throat offered this phrase as the key to identifying those responsible for the dirty trick. Questions about the events surrounding the 1972 U.S. … Continue Reading

Ready Or Not, A Change Is Gonna Come

Everyone has a list of things desperately in need of change. We’ll stipulate that the only constant in our world is change. In reflective moments we might even acknowledge a need for personal change. But all the agreement notwithstanding, the fact is that change is tough — potentially painful. And often the result hardly seems … Continue Reading

3 Keys To Thriving In A Changing Marketplace

Long ago, before digital invaded advertising, marketing and media, the basics of the print industry hadn’t seen significant change for decades. Then someone figured out ones and zeroes. And things began to shift rapidly. Seemingly overnight, what had once been the purview of shops able to invest in big machines and the real estate to … Continue Reading