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Dialogue Is Dead (And Our Ability To Disagree Is Disappearing)

I remember when we used to be able to disagree. Friends could vigorously debate, and go home friends. We could go to school, work alongside, and build neighborhoods with folks with whom we held differing views, values and convictions. We could even talk about it. Those were the days. But that kind of dialogue may be dead. These … Continue Reading

A Blog Anchors Your Online Strategy — Here’s Why…

Note: Kevin McKeown is a colleague, a friend, and a thought leader on blogging, social media and leadership. I hang on his content, appreciate his contributions to any conversation, and asked him to share the way he thinks in the form of this Guest Post. Eric, thanks for asking me to share why I believe … Continue Reading

Want To Instigate Dialogue and Lead? Choose Your Words Carefully.

Words matter. If the goal is to connect and build bridges, you’ll choose them carefully. They set tone, dictate parameters and conjure experiences that shape interpretation. The right words can comfort, support, strengthen and inspire. They can tap into memories and stir new dreams. Yet, for all their power, they are imperfect and incomplete. Packaging … Continue Reading

Before Benchmarks Define Direction, Be Certain To Measure What Matters: Reprising a TEDx Talk

We measure everything. The length and weight of a newborn. The speed of an eleven year old’s fast ball. IQ and EQ. And complex algorithms measure everything from personality type to areas where one is likely to succeed. Or fail. In a recent post — Speedometer Confusion — Seth Godin speaks of the challenge of … Continue Reading

Closed Circuit To Legal and Professional Service Marketing Teams: Clarity Is As Close As The Matrix

Full disclosure — Allen Fuqua is a friend as well as a respected colleague. He ushered me into the legal marketing arena, and I had the pleasure of being a member of his team for 7 years. He takes seriously his skills as both a mentor and strategist. Allen is currently the CMO at Winstead, … Continue Reading

Winning The Debate or Collaborating Toward Success?

There are few things we value more than winning.  From t-ball to spelling bees to the professional sports franchise we adopt, nothing matches the thrill of finishing on top.  It impacts (some might suggest, disproportionally) self-image, the way we relate to those around us, and commerce. While it’s tempting to go off on the relative value … Continue Reading

A Question of Leadership

Headlines, conference keynotes, water-cooler conversations — whatever the venue, today there is more than a little talk about Leadership. As often as not, the focus is on the lack thereof. In political seats, board rooms and executive suites, in neighborhoods and homes — in the midst of confusion, disruption, and uncertainty, we bemoan conditions. And … Continue Reading

Mind Space, Rackspace and The Pursuit of Excellence: Reflections From A TEDx Experience

On the other end of the call Rebecca Helterbrand from TEDx San Antonio was saying,  “congratulations…you’ve been selected…” And before I had time to process the news, she had me taking notes on “several important dates.” Required dates. Meetings and rehearsals. Mark them down. Don’t miss them. That was my introduction to an unwavering commitment … Continue Reading

The Best of Us

Days like yesterday — April 15 — make it easy to become preoccupied with the worst. Yesterday. December 14, 2012. September 11, 2001. April 19, 1995. The worst moments. Unthinkable realities. Inhumanity. But in the midst of the April 15 bombing in Boston, we bore witness to poignant examples of the best of us. The first … Continue Reading

Why Storytelling Resonates

Some impressions are indelible. The golden sun, slowly dropping from view on a perfect horizon; the smell (and taste) of mom’s fresh-baked cherry cobbler; the eyes of a child in an early instance of wonder. For most of us, a few experiences are deeply etched into the memory banks.  They conjure vivid memories that repeatedly … Continue Reading