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Prescription For A Productive Dialogue

In the wake of another Sunday morning buffet of current affairs television programming, and on the eve of Independence Day celebration in the U.S., two thoughts occurred. First — one who subjects himself to variations of the same tired rhetoric and political posturing week-after-week must have masochistic tendencies. Second (and more productive), Sunday’s soundbite assessments … Continue Reading

4 Keys To Better Business Development Conversations

Dialogue changes things. It connects people, seeds ideas, and is a critical thread in the fabric of relationship. And (at the risk of meddling), one reason relationships are so difficult is that genuine dialogue does not come easy. Self-interest,  the superficial and the politics of the moment serve to frame much of what passes for conversation. But … Continue Reading

A Missing Link In Business Development

In a provocative Inc. online post titled The Art of Listening Well (a great read), Eugene Raudsepp discusses one of two challenges to effective communication; we hear what we listen for. The second is closely related — Listening to Learn is in short supply. To the degree communication is about positioning, convincing, selling or converting, the … Continue Reading

The Intersection of The Art of Jazz and The Science of Listening

If movement (not to mention innovation) is difficult — whether in enterprise or on a personal front — difficulty listening might be part of the problem.  We spend considerable time on the topic here; but this presentation by jazz musician Stefon Harris offers insight into the critical role listening plays in progress and innovation. If … Continue Reading

Pausing To Remember What Really Matters

(This is a reprise of a Post from December 2010. An idea worth reconsidering today. Happy Thanksgiving, All.) Some things simply are not important in the scope of things. Mac or PC? Important to the respective companies, to be sure; but give me either and I’ll get the job done. Number of Twitter followers or … Continue Reading

Are We Losing Our Ability To Listen?

In an increasingly loud world voices, headlines, media and even strategic noises seem to compete for our attention.  The competition (naturally) gives rise to more creative approaches to capture a target’s ear.  And in the process there is plenty of reason to wonder whether anything is actually being heard. In this short video presentation, sound … Continue Reading

What Really Matters?

Some things simply are not important in the scope of things. Mac or PC? Important to the respective companies, to be sure; but give me either and I’ll get the job done. Number of Twitter followers or Facebook friends? Great possibilities; but not near as important as how you treat those you’re connected to — … Continue Reading

At The Heart of Today’s Game-Changing Marketing Strategies

Ask a dozen professionals from a variety of endeavors to define marketing and you will likely receive variations on two or three different themes. Retailers, B-to-B enterprises, service providers, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial start-ups — and everything in between — often view, plan and budget for marketing from unique perspectives. But all of us, unique … Continue Reading

The Discipline of Listening vs. The Art of Messaging

Listening doesn’t come easy. For anyone (or any business) with a point of view, an opinion, a measure of conviction, and the means to disseminate a message listening is rarely what first comes to mind when addressing the communication process. Client feedback initiatives and market research notwithstanding, from the instant an infant realizes what it takes … Continue Reading

Social Media: The Fabric of Community

Time to acknowledge the obvious: few things have had as much impact on the fabric of marketing as has the emergence of “Social Media.”  In his book – The Chaos Scenario (see video above) – author, AdAge columnist and NPR commentator Bob Garfield goes as far as heralding the end of mass marketing as we know it. Overstatement?  We are, after … Continue Reading

Conversations, Relationships & Renaming Social Media

There are, no doubt, a few good reasons for some business endeavors — in particular, professional service enterprises — to have concerns over the use of social media.  For example, lawyers, doctors and accountants cannot be perceived to be offering legal, medical or tax advice in any media marketing context — social or otherwise. I believe … Continue Reading

Two Takes on Tiger’s Tale

Full disclosure: I have enormous misgivings over even commenting on the current Tiger Woods story. From a completely personal point of view, I regret that we are so captivated by the sight of a train wreck. Rationalize any way you like; that is what is happening here — and we simply refuse to turn away. For … Continue Reading

The Thrill of the Chase vs. Drudgery of Dialogue

For many, the chase is simply easier than the work associated with building and nurturing lasting relationships. The chase offers variety, the thrill of an adrenaline rush, and – win or lose – it’s off to the next pursuit. No working through misunderstandings and unrealized expectations. No — we’re not talking about personal relationships — any parallels notwithstanding. This is about … Continue Reading