For many, this season precipitates slowing down…at least sporadically. A good thing, since the blur brought on by frenetic pursuit tends to distort perspective.

Slow down enough, and the things that matter most are pretty easy to focus on — family…true friendshippeace (and quiet)…joy.

If we slow enough we might even see the new year as representative of a fresh start. We  might (once again) resolve to improve — maybe even fix some things that too easily interrupt where we invest the moments of each day.

One such personal resolution is to be more mindful of the relationships that make me rich in the only real sense of the word. And to express appropriate appreciation — more regularly, if not more eloquently.

And so I begin here.

  • Thanks to friends. In 2014 you reminded me that relationships are the only things on which you can depend — the only things that last. As always, you gave, expecting nothing in return. You listened, encouraged, and counseled. You are great examples.
  • Thanks to my family — the most important relationships in my life. You make me whole.
  • And thanks to those of you who share in the musings posted here. Your thoughtful comments — online, and otherwise — encourage, instruct and shape an on-going dialogue…personally and professionally.

Thanks to your participation, we’ll do it all again in 2015 — for the thirteenth year! (Someone in this conversation is getting older.)

May your reflections and resolutions in this season be a prelude to a year — rich with the joy of all that matters most.