Vision is an amazing thing.

Add other senses and emotions to what the human eye is able to behold, and suddenly an impression is burned into the intangible canvas of our consciousness.

Today, in his post titled Standing Tall, John Nosta gives beautiful voice to what many of us feel, as he shares perspectives forever etched in his mind — in spite of the horrific events of September 11, 2001. I highly recommend you access the link, and read John’s thoughts.

Some things, like the image of the Towers on that Tuesday morning, cannot — should not be erased or forgotten.

But thankfully, not all lasting visions are nightmares.

The majority of those etched in my own mind’s eye are of joy, laughter, a mother’s counsel, a friend’s encouragement, a promise kept, a dream realized, a future in the making. Each is larger-than-life, complete with compelling narrative, accessible at an instant’s notice. Many can move me beyond any ability to describe.

Even factoring the pain, I submit that vision is an amazing gift. One to be nurtured.

For, in spite of what the eyes might or might not see (ask the individual who has no sight) — the best vision is born from what has taken root in the heart. Vision is not about what we see, but about what we believe…what we choose to see for tomorrow.

This kind of Vision should always be spelled with a capital “V”. It is the essential characteristic of leadership — at any level.

It breathes life into memories. And, as is the case with the Towers that rose above the Manhattan skyline, Vision allows the indelible images of the past to coexist and enrich our best hopes and dreams for the future.

“Where there is no vision, the people parish.” — Proverbs